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Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment

The Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment is an effective moisturising cream that moisturizes your skin whole nighttime. It hydrates your skin every hour, thereby replicating the skin cell re-formation rate vs. untreated skin. The key to this come out is an exclusive nighttime Amino-Peptide Complex. It acts with a time-release effect, hydrating hour after hour to increase cell renewal inside skin’s surface. This Olay nighttime cream features peptides and essential vitamins in moisturizing peptide B3 complex that reforms your skin by dispatching fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, loss of firmness/elasticity, dull skin and dry cells. It brings around, protects, and firms your skin, thereby making it look younger. This Olay beauty cream is right for daily use by normal, dry and combination skin types. Gloss over cleansed face and neck all evening.

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L’Oreal Skin Expertise Age Perfect for Mature skin

Come alive every first light to a glorious fresh look.  Mature Skincare with Soya Seed Proteins with Dermo-Peptide. With age, sun harm and hormonal alterations, natural affirm to the skin decreases and skin begins to sag.  It acts with skin’s every night recovering process to smooth and cut back the appearance of surface wrinkles and fine lines.  The Technology: With Soya Seed Proteins, Age Perfect Night deeply moisturizes skin; With advanced Night Dermo-Peptide, Age Perfect aids stiffen the upper layer of the skin; Skin lightening botanicals and a building complex of Vitamin E, B5, and B3 act upon skin’s every night recovery process to heighten its visual aspect. Complemntary to Age Perfect® SPF 15 Day Cream (with fragrance and fragrance free), this unique deep-repairing night treatment restores skin’s density overnight, when skin’s natural repair system is functioning at its peak. The Benefits: Skin is deeply and continuously hydrated; Boosts skin’s strength and resiliency within 4 weeks. Fortified with highly concentrated calcium microspheres and soy proteins, Age Perfect® Night Cream deeply hydrates and helps diminish skin discoloration for more even skin.

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