Olivella Moisturizer Body Lotions in Night Cream Reviews

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Olivella Moisturizer Body Lotions

Olivella Moisturizer Body Lotions

Olivella Moisturizer Day/Night Body Lotions

This glorious Italian anti-aging Elixir beauty oil  truly fills again and regenerates your skin when your body beats out eternal sleep. Acts upon admirations for identical ironic arenas close to eyes, neck, elbows, finger tips. It contains premium quality 100% Virgin Olive Oil and scented with natural flowered essences & essential oils from the Mediterranean. Olivella anti-aging elixir anoint is extremely softening leading in hydration, additional level protection, anti-aging and smoother younger-looking skin.Apply on face, neck or body 10-15 mins earlier bedtime to admit elixir to profoundly moisturise, nourish and fill again skin during the nighttime.

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