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Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

olay night creamDuring our waking hours we all can easily take care of our skin especially your face. A good sound sleep does wonders to our skin. Our body repairs and rejuvenates the skin while we sleep. But apart from body’s own mechanism a little bit of help from outside always assist to get the best results.

The one who have dry skin, after cleansing the skin at night it becomes further dry. It is not a magic potion but Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing actually keeps your skin hydrated almost whole night. It has right amount of emollients and humectants, water and glcerine which keeps the skin soft and moisturised. It forms a barrier on the skin which helps to retain the water of the face.

The company claims that this product will mini-lift your skin. I can’t say to what extend it does but if you have a very dry skin than this product is for you. It doesn’t suit every skin type. Many times people with oily or slightly dry skin face buys this Olay Regenerist Cream and then complains that it didn’t gave results as expected. So knowing your skin type is essential before plunging in the decision of buying.

It is a best seller product on Amazon and many people have been benefited from it. Click here to read all the reviews on this product.

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  1. […] changes on your face and of course this product is not for the one who have dry skin. For dry skin, olay regenerist night cream could be a good night cream to suggest. This entry was posted in Night Cream and tagged aging […]

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